Yacht Ready Lifeproof Cream Shadow

Campaign: Awestruck   |   Functionality: Makeup

Mesmerize and amaze with your style. Create a new trend with a vivid fearless eye-look with this on-the-go, creamy eyeshadow. Swipe your finger once in the pot, and twice on the eyelid depositing the most vibrant color in a delicate smooth creamy texture. Make it your best eye-makeup ally. Blend with your favorite eyeshadow for a customized formula that creates your signature look.


DOWSIL™ SW 8005 C30 Resin Wax: structuring resin wax that allows non-transfer properties and improves the color intensity.

Oliwax®: COSMOS approved stabilizer for O/W emulsions or anhydrous formulas, derived from ultra-refined pure olive oil. Structures the oil phase and gives a nice, smooth and nongreasy feel. Beeswax substitute.

Sensolene® Care DD: COSMOS approved natural dermollient, which improves the spreadability and show protective and calming properties.

Cerauba T1 BIO: COSMOS approved carnauba wax with a melting point of 80-88°C. Structuring agent.

DOWSIL™ FZ-3196 Fluid: moderate volatility silicone, which allows a good spreadability upon application and improves the pigment dispersion.

Organic Macadamia Oil Crude: vegetable oil, cold-pressed in Kenya. Very rich in oleic acid. Reduces the TEWL.

DOWSIL™ ES-5600 Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier: emulsifier with pigment dispersing and color intensity boosting properties. Allows a fluid dispersion of the pigments and glitters.

15207 Green: green bespoke pigments blend by Univar Colour.

DOWSIL™ FA 4004 ID Silicone Acrylate: flexible film former in isododecane as volatile carrier. Shows rub-off, water, and sebum resistance properties and allows a comfortable wear all day long.

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