Trio-Politan (Tri-Phasic MakeUp Remover)

Campaign: Daringly Beautiful   |   Functionality: Toiletries

Trio-Politan is an appealing make-up remover which forms three distinct layers, taking the current biphasic systems on the market to the next level. With the presence of Dow Corning® FZ-3196 combined with Methylal, an outstanding cleansing effect is obtained. In parallel, Methylal helps to boost the split of the phases. Trio-Politan does not stop at just cleansing the skin, Univar’s Personal Care laboratory goes further with this formulation offering additional skin benefits. Hyalucorrect PB improves eye contour appearance by activating microcirculation and draining retained liquids locally, whilst the Emanon® HE is a well-known re-fatting agent. Finally this formulation contains Rosamox™ LC which is used in order to claim the presence of rosemary extract.

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