So Glossy Lipgloss

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Makeup

How to get glamorous lips in a flash? Just try our gloss range. This moisturizing formula contains Primol 352, that offers excellent hydration and emolliency, and Syntadex 7702 which is a non-greasy, very shiny and easily spreadable pure petroleum jelly. Kraton™ G1701 EU, film former and moisturizer, thickens the oil phase. Depending on your mood, choose between our Copper Metallic (Glamour Neon Copper G4232 and Diamond Variable OM 24), our Pink Quartz (Bichrom  Aqua MBC-A, Smokey Vintage Blue S9014 and Sachet Flash White S1531) or our Emerald Envy (Glamour Classic Hot Pink G7164, Optique Satin Violet MIF-223 and Chromatique Starlight Red Brown MCL-4513): we meet all your needs. Now pucker up and apply.

Download the detailed formulation card