Snow Globe 3-Phase Facial Tonic

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Skin Care

This tri-phase facial tonic detox cocktail is especially designed for mature and sensitive skin. Its light and non-greasy texture provides excellent moisturization to parched skin. Cherry Blossom Eutectys BG is a water soluble patented active, that has both anti-photo aging and anti-oxidant properties. The oil phase is comprised of emollients that bring efficient moisturization with complementary sensory profiles: Radia 7730, Isostearene and Nesatol. Sweet Almond Oil helps soothe and nurture sensitive skin and we preserved everyting with Kem Nat, which is particularly interesting for natural formulas. Phase 3 is composed of Vida-Caps 1063: a patented encapsulation of vitamin A and E. Mix all three phases together for a magical snow globe effect! It’s winter time!

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