Smoked Onyx Complexion Clarifying Paste

Campaign: Awestruck   |   Functionality: Toiletries

When raw becomes chic. This cleansing clarifying paste will transport you to an ultra VIP SPA experience in the comfort of your own home. Travel on this path to renewal. A journey that starts with a ticket to a relaxing mud day. Dark as onyx and firm as rich soil, bond with the Earth to deeply and gently cleanse, purify and decongest your skin. Upon contact with water, it transforms to a milky soft abundant texture accompanying you on a new sensorial voyage. Everyone needs an authentic pause, it brings you back with awe-inspiring skin and a clear mind.

C*EmTex™ 06328: botanical and renewably sourced, biodegradable stabilized waxy corn starch used as a sensory enhancer. Brings a powder-like after-feel and smoothness to the formula.

StarDesign™ Care: naturally-derived thickener made from waxy corn. Gives a creamy texture and a cocooning skin feel.

METHOCEL™ 40-0101 PCG: naturally derived high molecular weight cellulosic polymer. Improves viscosity, cushion effect and slipperiness of the product. Acts as a foam booster.

ACULYN™ Excel: powerful viscosity agent able to suspend the powders.

Suga® Nate 160NC: 100% bio-based surfactant with a very safe profile. Patented anionic alkyl polyglucoside derivative that offers a superior alternative to traditional sulfate chemistries.

EMANON® EV-E: glycerine-derived green non-ionic surfactant that is easy to use. Provides the good rinsability of the product and the whitening transformation when in contact with water.

Tea Tree Oil: COSMOS approved, one of the purest tea tree essential oils coming from Australia. Efficient against a wide range of bacteria, powerful anti-fungi, and antimicrobial activity. Performs well against acne.

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