Slumber Party Bath Foam

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Toiletries

Make your bath a delightful moment thanks to the vibrant colors from Univar Colour. This sulfate-free formula is specifically designed for the entire family thanks to Akypo® Soft 100 BVC which is the mildest anionic surfactant of its range. Thickened by ACULYN™ Excel, the best partner to reach good viscosity in sulfate-free cleansing products, also has very good suspension properties at low pH, and is used here to maintain the Vida-Caps 1050. Emanon® EV-E has cleansing properties in presence of silicones or natural oils. Turn up the fun, with these blue pigments encapsulated that will transform the foam to blue when crushed. Levenol® H&B is an eco-friendly co-surfactant that brings emolliency to the formula and POLYOX™ WSR 205 will contribute to foam volume and density. Finally, Dow Corning® HMW 2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion is a silicone emulsion that has very good conditioning properties and will leave you feeling moisturized and soft.

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