Shimmering Jade Natural Body Exfoliator

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Toiletries

This dynamic and glittering green body gel will revitalize your skin under the shower. The creamy foam produced by AKYPO® FOAM RL 40, a sulfate-free surfactant, will gently and respectfully clean the skin. BETADET® S-20 acts as a co-surfactant here. It is vegetable-based and contributes to the mildness of the product. EMANON® EV-E enables a good fragrance solubilization as well as its deposition on the skin. LEVENOL® H&B provides emolliency in surfactant-based products. The system is thickened by ACULYN™ Excel, a powerful viscosity agent able to suspend the natural Walnut Shell, Lemon exfoliators and the glitters. The shimmering jade-green color is obtained by mixing Univar Colour dyes and Sandream Impact glitters. Finally, Kem Nat acts as a natural preservative, approved for Ecocert formulations.

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