Shea Essence Micellar Water

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Toiletries

This cleansing micellar water contains extra soft cleansing agents, such as Akypo® Soft 100 BVC, which is one of the mildest sulfate-free anionic surfactants. It’s combined with vegetable-based Betadet®-S20, a very mild co-surfactant. Levenol® H&B is an eco-friendly emollient, perfectly suitable for cleansing products with hydrating properties. It gently cleanses all skin types. The formula is thickened by ACULYN™ Excel, a powerful thickener, able to suspend bubbles and caps even at low pH. It also provides a nice transparency and gives this micellar water a jelly texture for an easier application and introduces a new cleansing gesture. The Vida-Caps 1062, issued from a patented encapsulation technique, brings this product a very nourishing feeling. The encapsulation process enables the incorporation of natural sheanut butter, vitamin A and E into a clear formula and provides a very nice blue-green visual effect.

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