Seeing Red Hydrating Oil Gloss

Campaign: Awestruck   |   Functionality: Makeup Skin Care

Effortlessly endorse an elegant style. This oil gloss intensely nourishes your lips and gives you an instantly chic look. Enriched with a luxurious oil infusion, it deeply conditions lips with a gorgeous satin finish.

The addition? A powerful anti-aging active to protect and preserve the beauty of your smile. The red shade adds the outrageous touch to make you stand out of the crowd. All that glitters is… fabulous of course and here helps create the appearance of fuller lips. In one swipe, you are marvelous.

Kraton™ G1702 HU: oil phase thickener, which shows particles suspending properties. Allows clear formulations.

Elevance Soft CG-200: 100% bio-based alternative emollient with excellent moisturization properties and luxurious feel.

Biochemica® Tangerine Butter: ECOCERT approved butter with an exceptional skin feel, spreadability and relaxing odor. Provides moisturization.

PIB 128: low color, transparent and non-drying polyisobutene of high molecular weight. Imparts viscosity, gloss and texture to lip products.

Organic FFL Coconut Oil Virgin Crude: Fair Trade oil produced in coastal Kenya near the port of Mombasa. Secured from the fruit very quickly and retains the unique and tropical coconut fragrance, unlike heavily processed coconut oils.

90109 Cogilor Garnet (D&C Red No. 7 Calcium Lake): intense red lake from Univar Colour.

DOWSIL™ 3903 Liquid Satin Blend: sensory enhancer with a unique rheology. Brings intense lubricity, luxurious satin-like feel and moisturization perception.

Phyt-N-Resist®: natural active ingredient. Helps fight against skin aging by reducing oxidative stress and accelerating skin repair. Acts on firmness, elasticity, radiance, but also on wrinkle decrease.

DOWSIL™ EP-9610 Cosmetic Powder: silicone elastomer with reduced agglomeration, which provides a smooth and silky after feel. Shows sebum and oil absorption as well as optical effect.


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