Safflower Dream Nourishing Shampoo

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Hair Care

This eco-friendly shampoo is especially designed to respond to the “Natural” or “Eco” consumer. The surfactant system is based on Akypo® Foam RL 40 which is a mild anionic surfactant. Betadet® S-20 it is the best choice to replace SLES in sulfate-free formulations because of its good foaming properties. Levenol® H&B is a very mild and vegetable-based co-surfactant. Amidet® N has good solubilizing properties for fragrances and oils, and helps thicken the system. Emanon® EV-E is a non-ionic surfactant and a foam booster in the presence of oil and improves its deposition. Vida-Caps 1040 with natural safflower oil, combined with Kao Sofcare® GP-1 bring excellent conditioning and nutritive properties. This can be used as silicone alternative as it offers hair shine, volume and frizz control. Sulfate-free systems can be difficult to thicken, however, ACULYN™ Excel has excellent thickening and suspension properties at low pH. Kem Nat is a natural preservative, approved for Ecocert formulations.

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