Rock-Coco (Solid Fragrance)

Campaign: Daringly Beautiful   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Let us innovate the fragrance industry with Univar’s Rock-Coco; a solid fragrance formulation utilising the Kraton™ A 1535 polymer, which comprises a rubber mid-block and a polystyrene end block, giving rise to an ideal solution for thickening oil. A cohesive texture is obtained, where the ester, Isostearene®, is completely jellified. In parallel to this, an amount of KAO fragrance is entrapped within this system, allowing the release of perfume to the skin once the gel is applied. Glitters, from Impact Colors, were easily suspended for a visual effect. Rosamox™, a low odor rosemary extract, is a natural antioxidant. Rosamox™ quenches reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals that degrade oils and oil-containing formulas.

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