Repair and Refresh After Sun gel cream

Campaign: Mysterious Beauty   |   Functionality: Sun Care

Got a sunburn this weekend? We’ve got you covered! This light and fresh aftersun reliever is a hydration bomb for your entire body. The association of glycerine and light oils to create a super nourishing gel that remains light, dry and non-greasy. ACULYNTM 22 and 88 create this rich creamy gel texture and stabilize the emulsion. Eco-friendly Emanon EV-E, enhances oil deposition on the skin and helps repair and protect the skin barrier. EcoSmoothTM Delight brings good spreadability, fast absorption, and a silky smooth feel on application. UCONTM 75-H-450 is the secret for reducing tackiness, improving playtime and spreadability. We’ve added encapsulated menthol for a super fresh effect and controlled release when applied on the skin. Aloe Vera LG Veragel and Licorice LG heal the skin weakened by sun exposure. Apply the product as a night sleeping mask on the exposed area, sleep well and thank us in the morning.

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