Pink Rebel – Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (W/O)

Campaign: Daringly Beautiful   |   Functionality: Makeup

Better shine. Better looks. Better feel; the high viscosity and high reflective nature of the Dow Corning® PH-1560 Glossy Fluid makes it a unique material to meet the needs of consumers. It has a much higher refractive index at high viscosity than competitive products, and this high viscosity helps maintain a glossy layer on the skin, resulting in the perception of the fuller lips and additional shine. This formulation also exhibits the Dow Corning® 680 ID Fluid, a blend of T propyl silicone resin dissolved in isododecane. This silicone resin offers both very good transfer and wash-off resistance combined with a flexible film and comfort to wear. This ultra-shiny gloss is not a simple anhydrous system, we have been successful in added some hydrophilic compounds which have been emulsified by the use of Ethocel™ Standard 100 Premium.

Download the detailed formulation card