Permissible Indulgence Ultra Rich Moisturizer

Campaign: Awestruck   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Meet the ultimate delight to indulge yourself. Envelop your skin in a smooth and rich face cream packed with healthy naturally-derived ingredients. Anti-aging actives help defend and protect your royal beauty from urban stress. Its freshness will surprise you making it the ideal day cream. The fruity lemon scent creates a fresh breeze complimented by a white chocolate note for a sweet flavor. Your morning routine becomes a delicious treat without worrying about fitting into your skinny jeans.

Actigum™ VSX 20: COSMOS approved very efficient thickener and suspensive agent with a great sensory profile.

Satiagel™ VPC 508P: COSMOS approved carrageenan polymer that gives texture and a fresh sensation on the skin.

Emultop™ Velvet IP: COSMOS approved highly efficient phosphatidylcholine enriched lecithin. Can emulsify up to 20% of oil and gives a velvety smooth touch on the skin. Improves the active ingredient bio-availability.

AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient: anti-aging active with prolonged efficacy versus conventional antioxidants. Contributes to healthy skin by softening the appearance of wrinkles, promoting skin radiance and delivering skin smoothing effect.

Biochemica® Matcha Green Tea: biodegradable and natural product. Moisturizing agent for the skin particularly suitable for dry and damaged skin. Organic Sesame Oil Crude: vegetable oil considered as an excellent emollient and moisturizer for the skin. From Uganda, mechanically cold-pressed. Lemon Myrtle Oil: COSMOS approved essential oil containing a large amount of citral, which imparts a natural lemon fragrance to the product and anti-microbial properties.

DOWSIL™ EP-9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder: silicone powder with very good oil and sebum absorption properties. Great sensory profile with a slippery, smooth feel.

C*EmTex™ 06328: botanical and renewably sourced, stabilized waxy corn starch used as a sensory enhancer. Biodegradable.

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