Peel-Off Lake

Campaign: Daringly Beautiful   |   Functionality: Makeup

SELVOL™ ULTALUX FA polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) provides performance and functionality to face masks and peels. Based on this same idea, Univar’s Personal Care laboratory wanted to go beyond the peel off mask concept, by creating this peel-off vibrantly coloured yellow formulation which imparts colour to the skin upon application, drying and removal via peel off film. The colour dispersion was developed by Univar Colour whose expertise lie with their capabilities to create bespoke colour pastes and dispersions, in this case we have used FD&C Yellow No.5 Lake dispersed in Castor Oil. The coloured paste is suspended thanks to the presence of Aculyn™ 88. Tea Tree Oil was included for its calming and dermo-purifying properties. In parallel, Tsubaki Oil Virgin Deodorised was used for its moisturising benefits.

Download the detailed formulation card