Like a Boss Real Luxury Insta-Mask

Campaign: Awestruck   |   Functionality: Skin Care Toiletries

Instantly revive and illuminate your skin. A new beauty gesture starts by applying a smooth deep pearlized turquoise mask inspired by the beauty of the ocean. Let the ingredients perform their magic for 15 minutes. You can now peel-off the mask to reveal brightened skin reborn. Now you’ve prepared your skin to face the elements like a Boss.

Selvol™ Ultalux FA: adhesion promoter and film former, which provides performance and functionality in face masks and peels. Tested for high quality and purity and verified as non-irritating on the skin.

ACULYN™ 33A Polymer: rheology modifier that provides very good suspending properties without imparting significantly the viscosity.

TRIS AMINO™ ULTRA PC: multifunctional additive, excellent safety profile. Used to neutralize the ACULYN™ 33A Polymer and keep the pH very stable over time. Good compatibility with alcohol.

DOWSIL™ 2501 Cosmetic Wax: copolymer of glycol and silicone dispersible in water with a low melting point (36-42°C). Tackiness reduction and moisturizer.

EUROL® WHT: COSMOS approved combination of the antioxidant properties of olive tree leaves with the strong skin whitening properties of bearberry extract, bringing to life a new and extraordinary natural skin brightening active, without irritation. Ability to moderate pigmentation while taking care of the skin.

FLORASOLVS® MACADAMIA-16: hydrophilic liquid emollient derived from ethoxylated macadamia oil glycerides. Acts as an emollient, refatting and moisturizing agent, conditioner and solubilizer. Cold processable.

Stabil ZERO: alternative preservative ingredient. Provides multiple benefits as broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection, emollient, moisturizer, coemulsifier and skin feel enhancer.

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