Let’s Have Sun – W/Si+O

Campaign: Where East Meets West   |   Functionality: Sun Care

This sun care lotion is just amazing. Nobody would complain to apply sun care products if all SPF protection emulsions would have such feel. Dow Corning® 3901 Liquid Satin Blend, an innovative and revolutionary lightly cross-linked high MW polymer in a volatile dimethicone carrier fluid, is providing a smooth, satin and slippery feel. Dow Corning® ES-5300 Formulation Aid is the emulsifier of choose for water-dispersed emulsion where the external phase is so hybrid, made of various organics and silicones. Sunspheres PGL significantly boosts SPF for any given active level and across entire UVA and UVB regions. As a consequence it supports a reduced level of sunscreen actives. Epitex™ 66 provides outstanding water resistance, improved skin feel and offers easy processing in a variety of formulations.

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