Insta-Detox Green Clay Facial Mask

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Toiletries

Tired? Too much excess? Need to detox? This face mask is just for you. Its extra-smooth texture will immediately relax you as you enjoy its application. ACULYNTM 88 Polymer creates this rich creamy gel texture and stabilizes the system. It is neutralized with AMP-ULTRA® PC 2000, a specialty neutralizing agent that improves pH and color stability. METHOCELTM 40-0100 PCG combined with xanthan gum give the smooth feeling and spreading upon application and help thicken the gel. Keeping it low key, this no stress-detox mask, is easy to rinse off thanks to BETADET® S-20, a SLES-free surfactant with an excellent foaming effect and AKYPO® RLM 100, an unpreserved organic acid that creates formulations with excellent skin tolerance. Finally the blend of green clay, kaolin and charcoal will detoxify and purify the most stressed skin! Apply liberally and think happy thoughts!

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