Insta Cleanse After Prep Hair Makeover

Campaign: Connection – Millennial Beauty   |   Functionality: Hair Care

We got all your after’s covered… after-work, after-party, after-gym or when you’re just in need of an express hair refresh. In one simple step, instantly cleanse, condition and revive your hair with this new generation hair cleanser for a flawless second-day look. No need to wash your hair, spray and brush Insta Cleanse – “After” Prep Hair Makeover to remove impurities, build- up, excess oil and odor at the scalp. Its sprayable and lightweight texture has no whitening effect and will boost hair volume. Straight, wavy, curly or bed head, this is your new BFF.

ActigumTM CS-11 QD: COSMOS approved efficient thickener and suspensive agent with great sensory profile. 100% nature-derived, cold processable.

DOWSILTM EP-9801 Hydro Cosmetic Powder: silicone powder that can be readily dispersed in water. Very good oil and sebum absorption properties. Great sensory profile with a slippery and smooth feel.

StarDesignTM 05340: nature-derived starch with good oil absorption properties and a great sensory profile.

DOWSILTM CE-1874 Microemulsion: water-dispersible liquid emulsion that delivers hair repair, shine, ease of combing and protection benefits without sacrificing hair volume.

Poly Suga® Mulse D9: ECOCERT approved PEG-free surfactant. Non-irritating for the eyes and excellent solubilizer for fragrance and essential oils.

Cola® Quat SME: mild cationic surfactant designed to neutralize a wide range of malodors like cigarette smoke or acetic acid.

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