Imperial Dreams Wonderlash Mascara

Campaign: Mysterious Beauty   |   Functionality: Makeup

Be daring! Mixing it up is part of the fun. We’ve created a richly royal purple lacquer W/Si emulsion based on Dow Corning® ES 5300 Formulation AID, 25034 Manganese Violet and Fantasy Mirror FS2086. It’s super long lasting thanks to Dow Corning® FA 4004 ID Silicone Acrylate and nourishing as well thanks to a hefty dose of Castor Oil. This formula opens up your eyes. Dow Corning®SW 8005 C30 Resin Wax intensifies the purple pigments, changes your look, and peps up your Monday or leads you right into Friday night! Go ahead and bat those beautiful lashes.

Download the detailed formulation card