iLove- Shower Gel

Campaign: Daringly Beautiful   |   Functionality: Toiletries

This conditioning shower gel is designed for young women exhibiting suspended red heart films that instantly melt upon massaging into the skin. Mix Vision beads with vitamin E are also found in suspension to add more to the dramatic visuals. The care benefits are fine-tuned with the addition of SoftCAT™ SK-MH skin conditioning polymer which help to deposit additional fragrance and actives onto the skin. iLove is formulated with the chosen surfactant EcoSense™ 919 which optimises the mildness of this formulation to the skin. ACULYN™ Excel a new rheology modifier based upon acrylate technology expands the formulators toolbox to help achieve efficient suspension while delivering transparent formulations at low pH. The Lavender extract that is used in this formulation is sourced in southern France by Naturex and used for its natural anti-oxidant and dermo-purifying action.

Download the detailed formulation card