Heat Guard Hair Protector

Campaign: Connection – Millennial Beauty   |   Functionality: Hair Care

Love a good styling tool, but scared to damage your hair? Heat Guard Hair Protector is designed for you! This weightless pre-style heat protector will reduce the blow dry time and increase hair resistance to breakage. Its advanced ingredient system facilitates combing while deeply conditioning your hair and helps styles last longer.

DANOX® HC-30: powerful eco-friendly and ready-to use conditioner. Combines fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants for ultimate conditioning properties, excellent fly away control, detangling and good sensory feel. Vegetable origin. Naturality >86%.

Organic Avocado Oil Crude: vegetable oil rich in monosaturated fats. Widely used for hair treatment as it reinforces the hair, reduces dandruff, prevents hair breakage and protects the hair from external damages.

DOWSIL™ 969 Emulsion: conditioning and heat protecting agent. Cationic based emulsion of amodimethicone. Gives ease of styling and long-lasting.

Organic Lime Distilled Oil: essential oil, gives a vibrant natural fragrance to the product.

Kem Nat β: NaTrue and COSMOS approved preservative providing a truly broad spectrum protection.



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