Hawaiian Beach Spray

Campaign: Where East Meets West   |   Functionality: Hair Care

Inspired by the casual-cool style of surfers, bring out some waves with this salt texturizing spray. Magnesium Sulfate, known as Epsom Salt, is very hygroscopic so it helps to maintain the ‘wet-effect’. The effect is different than the one of a traditional wet styling product. The Beach Spray with ensure that natural curls are enhanced. Combined with Sodium Chloride, the salt concentration is two times higher than sea-water; so it ought to have a longer lasting wet-effect. Vida-Care PQ 11 is used as styling and conditioning agent. This T-grade was chosen to guarantee transparency in a formula with high level of salts. PQ11 is combined with Vida-Care C K90P, a high molecular weight PVP. This will boost the styling, but without the crunch as only 0.2% is used. Vida-Care SP-4 is present as a UV stabiliser for aqueous formulations in clear packaging, while Ercasorb MLE VFD as fragrance solubiliser, helping also to prevent the spray valve from clogging.

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