Glistening Body Oil

Campaign: Where East Meets West   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Reveal your feminine side with this remarkably strong shimmering body oil! Kraton G1701 is a linear di-block copolymer based on styrene and ethylene/propylene, which thickens to thixotropic greases particularly suitable for apolar oils. Ercarel DOE V combines a very high spreadability with good stability and dry skin feel. Gemseal 40 has also a dry touch and a significant evaporation rate boosted with the presence of Methylal. Marcol 82 is a cost effective light white oil. Kraton G1701 offers also suspension properties. SHINESTAR T90, a new generation silver pigment based on Calcium Aluminum Borosilcate coated with silver, brings the incredible, jewel like shimmer into the formulation.

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