Garnet Prep Goddess Brow Scrub

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Toiletries

Take care of your eyebrows with this ultra moisturizing clear brow scrub. We’ve insured gentle exfoliation then bring ultimate moisturization from shea butter, delivered by the Vida-Caps 1114 for a formula that prep’s and protects your brows. UCARE™ Polymer JR 30M also provides additional conditioning properties. The combination of ACULYN™ 22 Polymer and ACULYN™ Excel ensures a good viscosity and allows the suspension of the scrub particles and Vida-Caps for a wonderful black/pink and copper/gold appearance. AKYPO® Soft 100 BVC gives good rinsability to the formula and was chosen for this application near the eyes as it is the mildest surfactant of the Akypo range. Finally, Stabil shows antimicrobial properties allowing preservative free formulations.

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