Fresh H’AIR Detoxifying Spray

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Hair Care

This amazing detox spray will refresh and protect hair on-the-go! Dow Corning® CE-1874 Microemulsion creates a very light and fluid texture. Its specific technology helps with hair repair and leave-in conditioning. Dow Corning® CB-3046 Fluid is suitable for every hair type. It delivers superior frizz control, curl definition, shine, heat protection and natural look and feel. Danox® HC-30 is an eco-friendly hair conditioning product with excellent fly-away control and general holistic feeling due to the combination of cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols. Emanon® EV-E will not only act as a stabilizer, but it will help the deposition of fragrance, oils, and silicones as well as the Vida-Care USB-25 UV-filters on hair. It also enhances the anti-pollution properties of the Moringa oil and will help to reduce the combing force and increase the conditioning effect of silicones. Exceparl® LM-LC stabilizes the viscosity and modifies the rheology giving an excellent and easy sprayability.

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