Forever Color Cleansing Conditioner

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Hair Care

Tired of seeing your hair color fading right after you’ve shampooed? This Forever Color Cleansing Conditioner is made for you! Halfway between a shampoo and a conditioner, this sulfate free formula contains a combination of mild surfactants which gently cleanse your hair with additional benefits: AKYPO® RLM 100 prevents color loss and LEVENOL® H&B improves the hair conditioning and helps to thicken the product. The intensive conditioning result is enhanced by aminoacid L-Arginine L-Aspartate and by the combination of Dow Corning® CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion and Dow Corning® 5-7113 Silicone Quat Microemulsion, a winning-duo tested and proven to be the best in long-lasting color protection! ACULYN™ 88 Polymer allows the suspension of the silicone phase into an aqueous gel and AMP-ULTRA® PC 2000 allows a safe neutralization while preserving your dyed hair.

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