Etoile de Jour Daily Illuminator

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Women who want a daily moisturizer with just a hint of illumination, this cream’s for you. Thanks to both ACULYN™ 28 and ACULYN™ 88, which emulsify the oil phase, we obtain a creamy gel texture. ACULYN™ 28 stabilizes the emulsion, whilst ACULYN™ 88 builds the viscosity and maintains the glitters Fiesta Gold Satin FI-8106 and Sterling Shimmer Silver S022 in suspension. EcoSmooth™ OptiTouch reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections all the while infusing its signature velvety touch. Finally, Vida-Caps 1041, the precious encapsulated Camelina oil, imparts additional moisturizing via a very specific patented technology that will prevent the oil from oxidation.

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