Erase and Restart Nail Polish Remover

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Toiletries

Reinterpretation of the classics…
We’ve created a gelified nail remover product thanks to Kraton® A1536 HU Polymer. This oil phase thickener is even able to work with solvents such as Dioxolane Ultra Pur Grade and Methylal Pure Grade Deodorised. The combination of these two volatile products creates an efficient acetone-free nail polish remover. They are biomimetic, amphiphilic, and environmentally friendly. We also included Inchol, a vegetable oil containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E which fortifies damaged and fragile nails. Isostearene emollient is an ester of isodecyl alcohol with lauric acid and it is a safe and effective lipid for mineral-free and lanolin-free formulations. Healthy & gorgeous nails? Yes you can!

Download the detailed formulation card