Colour Travel Shower Gel

Campaign: Where East Meets West   |   Functionality: Toiletries

This conditioning shower gel gives a visually appealing effect. Suspended Kaleidoscope pigments create a new version of intensity. These are shades that, when marketed in packaging showcasing the colour of the products will just sell themselves because of their beauty. The care benefits are fine-tuned with the addition of SoftCAT™ SK-MH skin conditioning polymer which helps to deposit additional fragrance and actives onto the skin. Colour Travel Shower Gel is formulated with the surfactant EcoSense™ 919 which optimises the mildness of this formulation to the skin. Aculyn™ Excel a new rheology modifier based upon acrylate technology, which expands the formulators toolbox to help achieve efficient suspension while delivering transparent formulations at low pH. These acidic conditions allow the formula to be preserved with Purox® S, a salt of benzoic acid. In acidic conditions it converts to its organic acid, which is a good anti-microbial and fungicidal preservative.

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