City Shield Urban Skin Protector

Campaign: Connection – Millennial Beauty   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Don’t let the city take away your glam. This total protection moisturising cream will offer you curative and preventive benefits to shield your skin from harsh climates, pollution and free radical scavengers. Start your day the right way and give your skin all it needs to lock in moisture and combat the visible signs of ageing caused by daily urban life. #cityshield

AgeCapTM Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient:
anti-aging active with prolonged efficacy versus conventional anti-oxidants. Contributes to healthy skin by softening the appearance of wrinkles, promoting skin radiance and delivering skin smoothing effect.

DOWSILTM ES-5300 Formulation AID:
efficient W/O emulsifier with high oil phase flexibility. Gives light skin feel.

DOWSILTM FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate:
highly efficient long lasting and anti-transfer film former with comfortable wear properties. Imparts a preventing anti-pollution approach by creating a flexible film and reducing particle adhesion on the skin.

PuresynTM 2:
emollient with a low viscosity and a fast spreading rate.

Moringa Oil Crude:
mechanically cold-pressed oil, very good emollient properties.

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