Cashmere Moments Mature Skin Hydrator

Campaign: Out with the Cold   |   Functionality: Skin Care

This milky rich but extra-fluid body lotion is specially designed for mature skin. The emulsifier system is composed of Sympatens-O/2500 G, an easy to use and Ecocert approved ingredient, and Sympatens ACS/200 G as coemulsifier. The emulsion is thickened by ACULYN™ 38 that provides a good spreadability and playtime. The overall texture is enhanced by EcoSmooth™ Delight: even at a low concentration, this polymer is able to strongly improve the sensory of the formula, at an affordable price. The Syntadex MOF FV is a mineral-oil free vaseline that melts at body temperature and thus brings a very nourishing feel. We added two natural oils, Grapeseed Oil and Sesame Seed Oil, that are particularly suitable for mature skin. Stabil ZERO is a very powerful non-traditional preservative system permitting “preservative-free” claims. Beauty Blossom SY152696 will bring a delicate fragrance to the formula, for a perfect cocooning cashmere moment.

Download the detailed formulation card