Calming Lavender Rejuvenating Night Mask

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Are the 60 hour weeks starting to show up on your face? Looking tired and dehydrated? We have the solution: a sleeping and deeply moisturising night mask. Just apply on your face and neck before bed and let the lavender fragrance lull you to Lalaland. Only the best for you! TRIS AMINO® ULTRA PC, an odourless pH adjuster used in premium beauty products, allows the neutralisation of the thickeners: ACULYN™ 88 Polymer and ACULYN™ 33A Polymer. It has an excellent safety profile and good buffering capacity. EcoSmooth™ Delight, a sensory modifier, acts in combination with Dow Corning® HMW 2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion. This ultra-high weight silicone copolymer, that is cold processable, and easy to incorporate, imparts a rich feel to the formula and immediate perception of moisturization. Vida-Caps 1018, natural encapsulated Lavender oil, gently perfume the formula. Prep yourself for a good night’s rest, you’ve earned it.

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