Busy Gentlemen ONLY Beard, Body, Hair

Campaign: Mysterious Beauty   |   Functionality: Hair Care

This clear sulphate-free cleanser is multifunctional and will clean you head to toe. 100% active, eco-friendly, and vegetable- based, Emanon EV-E is the choice ingredient for achieving better foaming. In association with Amidet® N, based on renewable European rapeseed oil, and Levenol® H&B, a high performance emollient, the system is composed of very mild surfactants. AculynTM 22 Polymer builds viscosity, suitable for many types of textures. Glycine imparts antistatic and conditioning properties and Rosemary Eutectys BLA HA600520, antioxidant, improves hair shine, as well as offering dermo-purifying and calming effects.

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