Blue Light Filter Foundation – W/Si +O

Campaign: Where East Meets West   |   Functionality: Makeup

The blue region of the visible spectrum called high-energy blue light is emitted by the sun and everyday household electronic devices, such as computer screens/tablets/smartphones/TVs, and also light bulbs. It can penetrate deeply within skin tissue, which has adverse effects on human skin cells. FloraGLO™ behaves like a high energy visible blue light filter in this W/Si+O foundation where Dow Corning® ES-5600 Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier plays not only as a PEG-Free emulsifier, but also as high performance dispersant for pigments. Delivering a satin-like feel to customers who want a complete sensorial experience, Dow Corning® 3901 Liquid Satin Blend offers perceived lubricity. This durable foundation (thanks to Dow Corning® FA 4002 ID Silicone Acrylate) is comfortable to wear and uses Bichroma Brown, a brown lustrous powder with very elegant soft color and outstanding coverage.

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