Blue Concrete High Performance Co-Wash

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Hair Care

A new beauty product for your hair. Condition and cleanse without stripping the hair, this low-poo, low surfactant co-wash is perfect for daily use. DANOX® HC-30 is a powerful conditioner, combining fatty alcohols and cationic polymers, for ultimate conditioning properties, excellent fly away control and a good sensory feeling. KAO SOFCARE® GP-1, another conditioning polymer enhances shine and manageability. The combination of AKYPO® RLM 45 N and EMANON® EV-E, creates a sulfate-free surfactant system that gently cleans the hair. Moreover, EMANON® EV-E, with its high oil affinity, enables a real fragrance deposition. Result: your hair is cleaned, smooth, and shiny and smells incredibly good!

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