Blooming Rose Silky Kiss Exfoliator

Campaign: Awestruck   |   Functionality: Makeup Skin Care

Your new BFF to prime, nourish and softly exfoliate lips. This divine 2-in-1 scrub and conditioning lip balm is enriched with naturally-derived skin care ingredients that deeply nourish and soften lips while gently exfoliating. It is a universal sheer balm that will leave a slight rosy tint for a natural-looking intriguing smile.


Elevance Smooth CS-110: 100% bio-based and renewable wax structuring agent for anhydrous products with a smooth texture and soft feel.

Oliwax®: COSMOS approved stabilizer for O/W emulsions or anhydrous formulas derived from ultra-refined pure olive oil. Structures the oil phase and gives a nice, smooth and non-greasy feel. Beeswax substitute.

Olivem® 900: COSMOS approved PEG free natural structuring agent for W/O and anhydrous formulas. Also acts as a sensory enhancer and moisturizer.

Sensolene®: lipid derived from olive oil with a biomimetic activity. Improves formula spreadability, has great sensory properties, brings softness, high dermocompatibility and pro-barrier effect. Naturality >50% and readily biodegradable.

Muyao Butter: also known as East African shea butter, brings softness and has a lower melting point compared to West African shea butter. Excellent moisturizing and emollient properties, high levels of vitamins A and E, two well-known skin healing vitamins.

Organic Rose Oil: precious essential oil with a characteristic smell.


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