Bi-Phasic Curl Defining Elixir

Campaign: Where East Meets West   |   Functionality: Hair Care

Bi-Phasic Curl Defining Elixir is an oil and water two phase spray with Vida-Care SP-1 for sun protection. Dow Corning® CB-3046 Fluid imparts superior and long-lasting frizz control performance even in water-based formulations. It brings a natural look and feel to hair. It has the ability to maintain style and helps to re-style the hair. It also exhibits multifunctional benefits such as curl retention, shine, heat protection, and enhanced hair alignment. It is suitable for different hair types. Monoï Infused is a cost effective ingredient, very effective in re-hydrating dry damaged hair, with same aroma/flavour profile as Monoï oil. Methylal boosts the split of the phases after shaking, while Ercarel PG DDV is an easy spreading, non-occlusive emollient.

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