Belicious! Sleep Mask (O/W)

Campaign: Daringly Beautiful   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Belicious! Sleep Mask contains the new sensory modifier, EcoSmooth™ Delight, bringing a touch of luxury to mass-market moisturising products. EcoSmooth™ Delight allows consumers to achieve an elevated sensorial experience to their formulations with a very economical cost:benefit ratio. Belicious! Sleep Mask contains a natural source of Dhatelo oil, and is inspired by the ice-capped mountains of the Himalayan region from where this oil is sourced. The Aculyn™ range are acrylate based rheology modifiers which act as co-emulsifiers in this particular system. The Aculyn™ 88 is highly viscous and gives a bounce to the body butter, whilst the Aculyn™ 33A aids in spreadability. Stabil, is a specialty preservative, that is globally accepted and doesn’t contain preservatives listed in EU Annex VI.

Download the detailed formulation card