A.M / P.M Ultra Luxe Eye Contour

Campaign: Univarevolution   |   Functionality: Skin Care

Nature offers some exceptional products… We’ve combined mother nature-derived clays, actives and thickeners to make a hydrating and revitalizing, cushion textured eye contour with a golden hue. Get ready to look wide-awake! Preservative-free and fragrance-free product.

CosYELLOW™: 100% natural clay, high content in minerals, chemicalfree, COSMOS approved.

Satiaxane™ VPC 930: thickening, stabilizing and natural suspending agent. COSMOS approved xanthan gum, polysaccharide produced by a biotechnological fermentation process.

C*EmTex™ 06328: botanical and renewably sourced, stabilized waxy corn starch used as a sensory enhancer. Brings powdery feel and softness to the formula. Biodegradable.

Olivem® 2020: naturally-derived cold process emulsifier based on olive oil chemistry for energy efficient operations. Excellent emulsification performance and natural dermollience.

Stabil ZERO: unique alternative for gentle and effective preservation of personal care products without any listed preservative. Low smell.

Sandalwood (Australian) Premium Grade Oil: renewable and sustainable resource with sweet and soft woody odor, gives a natural fragrance to the product. Literature shows some anti-inflammatory properties. COSMOS approved.

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