3D Magnetized Granite Hand Scrub

Campaign: No Boundaries   |   Functionality: Toiletries

This is not your average hand scrub. It’s filled with the power of the earth….Try a new gesture, smooth on this 3D magnetized emulsion for ultra smooth skin and a playful approach. The sandy rocks exfoliate and remove all dead cells, while Syntadex MOF FV, a mineral-oil free vaseline, gives moisturization without tackiness, and Inchol® helps calm and restructure the skin.

This emulsion is thickened by ACULYN™ 38 Polymer that provides a nice creamy texture and neutralized by AMP-ULTRA® PC 2000, a specialty neutralizing agent that improves pH and color stability. The EcoSmooth™ Delight creates a pleasant sensory perception and cushion feel.

Download the detailed formulation card