Hair Care SIMs & Formulas

Blow drying, coloring, styling, and environmental aggression cause hair weakness, split-ends and increase the risk of breakage. Limit the damage by using the right products to nourish and protect your hair, and safely style and color hair to express your personality.

Ready to pimp your hair? Up for a beach wavy hair style? Need an extra shot of intense moisturization before your shampoo? Go for the Rooted Earth Fortifying Hair Primer, a mask to boost volume and radiance.  Follow-up with a gentle but effective no-poo cleanse. LOHAS Protect & Boost Co-Wash gently cleanses and conditions your hair for shine and health. Your hair is cleaned and conditioned, now it’s time to style those beautiful waves. Hawaiian Beach Spray is a salt texturizing spray to recreate those gorgeous surfer wavy strands.

Recreate and tailor your routine using our extensive formula library. Find your inspiration to style, cleanse, treat, style any hair type, explore this space.

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