Ethical sourcing

The knowledge that products have been traded with fair trade practices and with full traceable origins is central to the corporate social responsibility mission of many of Earthoil’s clients. Fair and ethical principles are embedded in Earthoil’s fair trade sourcing policy – our products come directly from credible and traceable sources.

With Earthoil’s commitment to both organic farming and fair trade principles, clients can be assured that they are trading with an ethical supplier. We provide fair long-term relationships, close communication, advanced purchasing plans, assistance with Fair Trade/organic certification and traceability to our fair trade suppliers.

In all of our community grower projects, we are involved from the ground up – in the selection of planting materials, the cultivation methods, harvesting and processing – having a long term and trusting relationship to show commitment, support, trust, transparency and co-operation.

Enhancement of the environment is a central theme in all of our projects, as is respect for the people, demonstrated by pursuing fair prices, farmer education and informed project selection.

By supporting rural and community growers to source more unusual indigenous specialty oils such as baobab and argan, we can provide our clients with more options for end-use products.

With our partner’s pressing facilities in Kenya, we can source the seeds to suit the needs of our clients and press them to meet volume requirements.

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