Aqueous aromas – Earthoil Waters®

A unique range of certified organic water-based fragrances. Stronger than hydrosols in concentration and aroma, Earthoil Waters® are a unique alternative. Rather than being a by-product of steam distillation of essential oils, Earthoil Waters are a new product type – organic essential oils solublised in pure, natural mountain spring water.  Whilst Earthoil Waters are organic, the process can be adapted to any essential oil or absolute.

The Earthoil Water products are created in a novel, proprietary process not requiring any additives. They are stable and bacteria free. No chemicals are used in the process.  By comparison with hydrosols, the greater concentration of oils solubilised in this process creates products of stronger aroma, and with increased stability.


  • Earthoil Waters are higher in oil concentration, and stronger in aroma, than is possible with a conventional hydrosol.  The concentration of the essential oil in water is as high as 2%.
  • The true and complete aroma of the essential oil is captured
  • A totally water soluble product which can be based on any essential oil
  • Organically certified to EEC
  • Hydrosols, being by-products of the steam distillation of essential oils, carry an incomplete version of the essential oil

Earthoil Waters® can be based upon any essential oil – not only steam-distilled oils. They are exciting options for use in a wide variety of personal care and household formulations and can directly replace hydrosols and improve formulations.  They will suit any end use requiring an organic source of aroma in a water-based product – in cosmetics, toiletries, spa and aromatherapy products, facial mists, fragrances and air fresheners.  How will you use them?

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