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6 Best Beauty Trends For Summer

Due to the high absorbency of what consumers put on their skin, natural will give way to clean.  Shoppers will trade in heavy powders for liquid formulas and focus on natural beauty to enhance a natural soft glow. Ingredients such as argan, moringa and avocado oil will be in the spotlight for their moisturising properties as face, body and beauty oils attract more interest from consumers. In 2007, Pinterest reported that searches for cleansing oils were up 555%.

Environmental Impact
The natural beauty industry has seen impressive growth as consumers care more for the environment and strive for more natural products in a bid to reduce any negative impact their consumption has on the planet. Yet as natural plant materials become extinct or rare due to over sourcing, synthetically made materials prove great alternatives to comply with environmental and supply chain sustainability and often at a lower price.

K-Beauty Meets J-Beauty
Korean and Japanese beauty continues to influence consumers’ skincare rituals. Aimed at getting what’s called “glass skin”, beauty-fans will be lightening up on makeup, layering serums for a more dewy, natural complexion. It will be all about the base for an ageless definition. Jojoba oil will be seen in more products owing to its moisturising and anti-ageing properties.

Restorative Hair Care
Blow dry concentrates infused with products such as argan oil are being developed to speed up hair drying times, as well as provide a host of other benefits such combat frizz and add shine.

Roll-on perfume oils are increasing in popularity with an abundance of floral and botanical notes. The benefits of oil based perfumes mean they last longer than spray perfumes which are often concentrated with alcohol and other fillers thus being irritating to the skin.

Anti-pollution and Anti-Blue Light
With levels of pollution staggeringly high  (particularly in Asia Pacific), the concerns over how these levels could be affecting our skin are growing resulting in a market and demand for anti-pollution products. The awareness of the effects of blue light is also increasing . Blue light is light with a wavelength of 400-500nm which can be emitted from sources such as fluorescent lights to digital screens. It is known to generate free radicals, reducing skin’s elasticity and collagen levels which can lead to signs of ageing . Anti-inflammatory oils are gaining traction in order to counteract these environmental concerns.

Beyond Relaxation
With focus on personal wellness, the aromatherapy market is growing due to its reported therapeutic effects. From topical applications to aroma therapy alarm clocks, consumers will be creating the in-home spa experience for maximum relaxation to calm and relax body and mind.

Going to the gym has become more of a social experience. Athleisure has moved from apparel to the beauty industry, to fit around sports-led lifestyles and overall wellness. Fitness shower oils have made their way into the market and claim to help muscle recovery, soothe, hydrate and relieve tension.

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