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Provenance Power

Earthoil began growing essential oils in 1997 in Zimbabwe and a year later moved to Kenya. We are proud to provide oils with a story, owing to our ethical and sustainable approach.

Our local or regionally sourced seeds are carefully processed at Athi River, Kenya and are complemented by oils produced in other African countries by dedicated co-operatives.  These are conventional, organic or Fairtrade.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

Sustainable and ethical sourcing is at the heart of our business. We adhere to strict standards from the soil to the oil. Our long-term partnerships, heavy involvement and close working relationships with our growers, ensure full traceability of all our products and ensure the highest standards of products are maintained.

Organic Certified

Earthoil has a unique involvement with the organic process at every level of the supply chain. We guarantee organic standard where it is served; with our own rigorous, analytical testing and screening, we ensure consistent product quality and service excellence in order to preserve the integrity of our organic products.

Committed to Fairtrade

We are committed to work with our Fair Trade suppliers and try to expand Earthoil’s range of Fair Trade certified products. With advanced purchasing plans, long-term supply terms and investment in community Grower Projects we can help improve the livelihoods for our producers. The Fairtrade premium which is also paid on top of the sales-price is channeled into a separate fund for social, community and environmental projects, providing opportunities for the wider community in rural populations across the globe. The money could help provide desks for schools, scholarships and food for orphanages.

You can rely on Earthoil’s products because of our unique position, being fully involved in the production.

Whether you choose a natural isolate, an organic grade or one of our increasing number of Fair for Life fair trade ingredients, you can be assured of provenance and performance; quality assured.

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